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MEET Branden Durst

Branden Durst is a third generation Idahoan with family roots that run deep throughout the Gem State. Branden's appreciation for the vital importance of education was instilled in him early while being raised in a family of educators. Rather than follow in the family footsteps and become an educator, Branden instead wanted to apply his talents in the area of education policy. A love for teaching was never too far off, however, and Branden has served as a community college instructor, substitute teacher, varsity high school coach, and running a tutoring program at the Boys and Girls Club.

In 2006 Branden was elected to the Idaho House of Representatives and immediately went to work on addressing the most vexing issues facing Idaho's education system. Along with his legislative colleague, Steven Thayn, the duo became the architects of Idaho's innovative and highly successful Advanced Opportunities program. Branden's vision and knack for innovative thinking continues to benefit Idaho schoolchildren to this day.

Now, with education in Idaho being in crisis due to a lack of leadership, Branden is running to become our next state superintendent. As a husband and father of five, Branden understands the frustration so many families are feeling being trapped in an education system that seems to consider them an afterthought. As state superintendent, Branden will empower parents by providing the resources and the information they need to make the best choices for their families, including state standards that focus on students as individuals rather than just another number.

Professionally, Branden serves as a mediator and is on the Idaho State Supreme Court roster of approved child custody mediators. Branden is also a licensed pastor and attends Cloverdale Church of God in south Ada County.


Academically he holds a master of public administration degree with emphasis in policy analysis and bachelor of arts degree in political science. Branden will earn an education specialist degree in executive educational leadership in May 2022.

Branden is married to his amazing wife, Cheri, and has five children, four boys and one girl.

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