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Empower Parents in Education Act

EPEA Highlights
Real school choice
Approximately $4,100 per student

With an Education Savings Account, parents will have access to school choice in ways they never have before. Money will follow students to any school, traditional, charter, private, microschool or something else. No matter where you live, school choice is an option. Live in a rural community? Microschools are a great option. All you need is ten students and then you can hire your own teacher and use the curriculum you like best.  

Fixes the funding formula
Treats students fairly​

In addition to providing more school choice, the Act also fixes Idaho's complicated and antiquated school funding formula. Nearly 90% of school districts will see an increase or will maintain their per pupil funding and 95% of students will see an increase or maintain their per pupil funding. Plus, if you're in a small district, you'll never see your per pupil funding rate decrease. The act also helps property taxpayers by discouraging levies and putting the onus ack on the state. This is a win-win-win.

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