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Top 3 Priorities
Combat Biden's Border Crisis
Biden's failed immigration policy has turned every county into a border county. With the state and federal governments abdicating their responsibilities, its time for local government to act.

Branden Durst will direct Ada County to enforce federal immigration laws, especially against violent offenders, fentanyl drug dealers and bad actor employers.
Protect Our Community
A safe community is a prosperous community.

Branden Durst will Back the Blue in their fight to end the scourge of fentanyl in our community and to ensure that Ada County doesn't follow the same path as other large West Coast counties.
Lower Property Taxes and Shrink Government
Bidenomics have caused grocery and healthcare prices to go through the roof. Meanwhile government continues to grow with no end in sight. It has to stop.

Branden Durst will work to put your hard earned money back where it belongs - your pocket. By reducing property taxes and cutting the size of government by at at least five percent we can make this goal a reality.

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